Jan 20, 2012

Friday's Project and two movie reviews...

Last Friday I accomplished a lot on the organizing front since I gave the computer a holiday. So today too I didn't turn on my laptop till now. Yesterday I checked out the Plastic-free Living Guide site (which my friend Remya shared on FB - thanks Remya!) and found some very interesting ideas on bringing home less plastic. This couldn't have come at a better time, because our favorite grocery store has started charging for plastic bags. Yes, I admit it, even in this age of awareness there are people like me who become environmentally conscious only when it pinches the pocket!!! The site contained a link to a video tute of a lady making five bags from a t-shirt and I went, "Hey, I can do that!!!" 

So this happened....

I had an old cotton chudi that was awaiting transformation into kitchen rags - which I have plenty of for the time being - which I transformed into 7 bags today. I didn't use the tiny sleeves or the top part of  the pyjama. The big, "handled" tote can serve as a shopping bag and the rest can be used to store veggies in the fridge. I also collected good plastic bags from around the house for reusing and have corralled them in a cloth tote that I am going to put in the car boot when DH arrives. Half the time our good resolutions fall along the wayside when we forget to take our market totes etc. with us.

Now to make a plastic-lined tote to carry frozen goods... I guess I can sandwich some good plastic between two layers of cloth and make a drawstring bag for that. What say you? 

Last week we saw two new movies on consecutive days - both were movies about movies.

The first was Vellaripravinte Changathi - started off well, but fizzled out within half an hour. There were three movies: the movie, the movie inside the movie and the movie about the movie inside the first movie. Yup: all three together - a mishmash with some very predictable sequences. Not one of the three movies were gripping or novel enough to hold attention.

The second was Sarojkumar etc. etc. - okay, I can't be bothered enough to type out the whole title. It was horrible - and lacked only a tiny bit to be outright slander against the person closest to a Renaissance man that the Malayalam movie industry has. It was almost choking with venom. The only positives from that movie were the songs. And what is it with Vineeth Sreenivasan appearing in head-bandages for two new years in a row???

That's it. Only two tiny paras (abbreviation and Malayalam :-)) for movies that I did not enjoy.


  1. Hey...good job with the recycling :) And i liked the 'para' prayogam !!!

  2. Heard Vellaripravu is too bad till interval but better "after the break"..


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