Nov 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 10

1750 words for the day; total - 17852.

We went to the book lovers' extravaganza last weekend. The DC Books International Book Exhibition is attracting huge crowds at the Kanakakkunnu Palace Grounds at the moment. This is one event I look forward to the whole year. The times have changed so much. We no longer have to get receipts from each stall - they give us a basket at the entrance and you can go shopping for books among the various stalls as though you were at a supermarket. More fun! But not so much when you have a three-year-old who develops a fixation on one of the lovely girls (wo)manning  one of the counters. That means we kept having to go back to that particular stall and extract him a number of times! Next year, I'm leaving the kids at home!

Here is our horde!

The first little pile on the left are the books I bought from the Vivekananda Centre in Kanyakumari on our trip!

For the time being, I'm just salivating looking at all those virgin pages! Blast this NaNoWriMo! All my free time is taken up in reaching my word-limit goal of the day. :-( Well they will make the best reward for when I finish my novel.

And yep, yep, yep! They also mean a whole lot of book reviews coming your way! Bwahahahahaha!

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